With Loaded OF, Brewers might think about Braun at 1B

Milwaukee, W.I. ~ The Milwaukee Brewers have been considering moving their star outfielder Ryan Braun to first base ranging back to 2014 when nagging thumb and calf injury were sidelining him for 2-4 weeks at a time. But they’ve never really gotten a great chance at doing that ; whether because the rest of the outfield wasn’t as stacked as it is now or that the first base position has been pretty much taken care of since 2015.

But now the Brewers outfield is completely stacked thanks to the ever additions of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain on Thursday night and it quite a possibility that Braun could see some playing time at first base.

Milwaukee now has six Major League caliber outfielders and are probably going to need to trade one or two of them ; probably Keon Broxton or Domingo Santana. But to avoid dealing Santana – a future superstar, and to free up some space in the outfield they might want to think about putting Braun at 1B.

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The Brewers possibly are considering moving Ryan Braun to first base for select games, while switching him in and out of the outfield rotation.

The Brewers will keep lokking for to trade Broxton and Brett Phillips for starting pitching, with Santana as a last resort trade. The idea is to perhaps form the best outfield in baseball in Yelich, Cain, and Santana, while having the 34 year-old Braun, who the Brewers still owe $ 57 million through 2020, could play 1B on select days while switching in and out of the outfield rotation.

In a WTMJ radio interview in October, Braun was open to play at first, to help the team win games.

“If they want me to play first, I think if it’s something that’s going to help our team at any point, or if it’s just a few games depending on our personnel, I’m not opposed to it by any means. If they approach me with that, I’m open to it.”

The transition can happen if the Brewers approach Braun towards the idea, and experiment the plan during Spring Training.

While Braun has consistently crushed left-handed pitching since his rookie season in 2007, him, Eric Thames ,a lefty , and Jesus Aguilar would be a nice duo at first, while still getting starts in the outfield throughout the season.

This is just and idea and in my opinion, the Brewers should build their outfield around Yelich, Cain, and Santana, with Braun switching between left and first.


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