Packers Defeat Cowboys in a Game For The Ages



Dallas,TX ~  The Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys gave  us arguably the best football game of they year in a 34-31 thriller in which the Packers won on a last second Mason Crosby field goal.

The Cowboys rallied back, down by 15 as the fourth quarter begun, but Crosby kicked a 56 yarder with less then two minutes less. Then Dallas kicker Dan Bailey tied it up only to have Jared Cook make an incredible sideline catch with 3 seconds left and to have Mason Crosby boot a 51-yarder  (two actually) as time expired to give the Packers the victory.

Back to the amazing catch by Jared Cook. With 3 seconds left in the game Rodgers found Cook 35 yards down the sideline and Jared Cook made an incredible catch on the Dallas 33 yard line, well within Mason Crosby’s range.Image result for jared cook catch


The kick was up and right through the uprights and the Packers had won!! – but wait. Jason Garrett, the Cowboys coach had called a timeout before the snap. Crosby’s next kick looked like it was wide to the left and every Packer fans heart sunk, including mine, but then it magically twisted in between he two posts to take the Packers to the NFC Championship Game


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The Packers on the toss and they chose to defer and he Cowboys started the game off with the ball. The Packers defense was a little rusty and Ezekiel Elliot picked up a few first downs and Dak Prescott threw some short passes to set up a 50-yard field goalo Dan Bailey, who drilled it.

During the Packers first drive a 3rd and 5 was set up by a Ty Montgomery 5-yard run when Aaron Rodgers caught they Cowboys with 12 men on the field for an easy first down. Then Green bay picked up back-to-back 15 yard gains on passes to Randall Cobb and Montgomery . On the next play Rodgers drew the Cowboys offside, getting a free play, and then finding Richard Rodgers for the touchdown and the lead.

Dallas punted on the ensuing drive which set up the Packers at their own 7 yard-line. They quickly got to te 50 yard line thanks to a big play by Geronimo Allison. Then Davante Adams caught a 32 yard pass which set up a 2-yard run by Ty Montgomery to take a 14-3 lead.

On the Packers next drive Rodgers hit Allison again early for a big gain. On 3rd and 6 the Pack converted a first down because Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne was flagged 15 yards for hands-to-the-face.  Rodgers then hit Allison again before a 20 yard rumble by Aaron Ripkowski. Adams caught another pass tip-toeing down the sideline until the 2 yard line. Then Ty Montgomery barreled in through the goal-line, his second touchdown, to 21-3 lead.

The Cowboys finally worked their offensive magic on their next possession with Dez Bryant doing all the work. First he caught a 21 yard sideline catch and then a 41-yard touchdown pass. On the Cowboys next drive they scored a field goal.

Green Bay started off the second half with a bang on an awesome Randall Cobb sideline catch for 25 yards. Next Davante Adams grabbed a 14-yard pass followed by a 28 yard Jared Cook catch on the ensuing play. Then Rodgers threw another touchdown pass, this one right back to Cook.

The Cowboys first drive started out with the same fire the Pack’s did as Elliot gained 22 on a nice run to the Dallas 47. Kentrell Brice then just missed an interception on a deep ball intended for Bryant. Then Micah Hyde got his hands on one in which he did catch at the Dallas 21 for the games first turnover.

It was shortly the only one as Aaron Rodgers threw a very-unlike-Aaron-Rodgersly pass and it was intercepted by Mike Heath.

The Cowboys then got the crowd back to life with a few big plays by Dez Bryant that led to a Jason Witten touchdown.

On the Packers next drive they got nothing going and they had to punt again.

On Dallas’ next drive they drove the ball all the way down the field and Dez Bryant scored a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion to tie up the game.

Then Mason Crosby nailed a 56-yarder to give the Pack a 31-28 lead. But their was still plenty of time left on the clock for the Cowboys to score and that is what they did, tying up the game.

Crosby hit a 51-yard field goal as time expired and  the rest is history.

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