How the Green Bay Packers can clinch the Playoffs

A victory Sunday night at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions would be the simplest way for the Green Bay Packers to secure a spot in the playoffs but if the Packers lose, it’s still possible for them to get in.

A win Sunday would clinch the NFC North and the Packers would get a home game in the wildcard round.

If Green Bay loses here are a few scenarios in which the Packers could still get in.

Giant beat Redskins 

If the Giants beat the Redskins the Pack could still make the playoffs because the Redskins would go down to 8-7-1 and the  Packers would be 9-7.

Redskins and Giants tie

If the Redskins and Giants tie Washington would be eliminated from playoff contention with a record of 8-6-2

Packers and Lions tie

If the Packers and Lions tie then both Green Bay and Detroit would both make the playoffs regardless of other games. If a tie occurs Green Bay gets the tiebreaker due to their victory in Week 3.

Packers and Lions play in back-to-back weeks

This is the most unlikely results but it is possible if the 49ers beat the Seahawks , the Redskins lose or tie with the Giants, and the Packers tie with the Lions.

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source = fox sports


  • papa

    Thanks for that explanation. I was wondering about that last scenario and now I know. I think that would be the funniest one to happen.

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    Glad to see the new blog posts!!!

    As always they are brilliant!

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