Gomez, outfield ready for another year

The Milwaukee Brewers outfield is entering another season.

In centerfield, Carlos Gomez will play, entering his third season as a power-hitter.  Gomez needs to improve on his balance on his swing and not try to hit the ball three miles away on every pitch.  Gomez hit .280 and slug past .450 two years in a row, making him the fifth center-fielder in the MLB to do that.  He hit 23 homeruns last season, while batting .284 with 73 RBI’s.


Right-fielder Ryan Braun hopes to start the season without an aching thumb. Not many things went right for Braun who missed many games due to the thumb injury and a minor leg injury.  Braun hitting wise was OK, .266, 81 RBI’s and 19 homers, but no where close to the days of 2011 and 2012 when he hit .326, with  74 homeruns and 223 RBI’s.


Khris Davis, the left fielder swung and missed more than 30 percent of the pitches that were pitched to him because he has bad mechanics.  Davis does show power, especially off of lefties.  He hit .244 last season hitting 22 homeruns and 69 RBI’s.


Backup outfielder Gerardo Parra is among the best fielders in the game and he has two gold gloves to show it.



  • Mickey

    Hi Jacob – good job

  • Grannie

    Thanks for keeping me updated on the Brewers when I’ve been so focused on basketball lately.

  • Jaxon

    gomez can do good for the brew crew if he can maintain his hitting. brewers hopefully have a part in the payoff run

    • Jacob Szczap

      This just isn’t gonna be the year for the Brewers.


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