Brewers need push from Arcia in 2019

Milwaukee, W.I. ~ In 2019, the Milwaukee Brewers will need a serious push from Orlando Arcia from the bottom of the order. Too many times in 2018, the middle of the order would get on base only to stay there due to poor hitting from the bottom of the order. A chunk of  Milwaukee’s slugging came from the first and second spots in the order, filled by Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich. The other 7 spots went a combined .241 ; failing to move runners and drive in runs for most of the year. The Brewers are going to need Orlando Arcia and the bottom of the order to produce if they plan on making a World Series run. If Arcia hits as well as he did in the 2018 Playoffs, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Arcia’s 2018 season was full of extreme ups and downs ;  as low as the minor leagues and as high as a superhero in the playoffs. In the first half alone he got sent down twice, and headed into the All-Star Break with a batting average of just  .197, with an on base percentage of .233. Fortunately Arcia got on the right track in the second half of the season, hitting .290. Arcia came up especially clutch in the late months of the season. He greatly contributed to Milwaukee’s amazing September run and hit three postseason homeruns. With the top of the order struggling, Arcia was able to create a huge boost in October.

The Brewers were able to win when Arcia and the bottom of the lineup were producing, and they are going to need it to happen again. With all the depth, their batting order looks dangerously strong. But due to the bumps in a long season, not everyone will be able to produce at the same time. That is why it is key for Arcia to have a strong season.

If Arcia is able to build off his confidence in October, he should and will live up to his expectations and become a legitimate threat at the bottom of the Brewers order.

By Jacob Szczap

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