Brady Wins Fifth Ring in Dramatic Comeback




Houston, TX ~  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just won the Super Bowl again, for the fifth time, this time coming from behind by 25, the largest Super Bowl comeback ever. It once seemed impossible as the Atlanta Falcons led 28-3 in the third quarter but then Tom Brady finally showed up, leading the Patriots to 31 unanswered points and ultimately the win in overtime, which was the first overtime ever in Super Bowl history.

New England scored 19 points in the final quarter including two two-point conversions and a  touchdown and a two-point conversion by former Wisconsin standout James White. White also scored two other touchdowns earlier in the game too.  Brady guided the Patriots and picked apart a tired Atlanta defense.  The first touchdown came on a Brady pass to Danny Amendola from 6 yards out after Matt Ryan fumbled. On their second touchdown James White dived in from 1 yard. Amendola scored the 2 point conversion to tie the game and send it to overtime.

The Patriots previously held the record for biggest comeback in Super Bowl history when they came behind from 10 against the Seahawks two years ago.

It looked as if Atlanta was going to win its first ever Super Bowl but their pass rush stopped and their secondary collapsed. Brady and Belichick won their 25 playoff game together, a record, and added on to Atlanta fans sports frustration. Belichick also became the first coach to win five Super Bowls.

The Patriots won the coin toss and from their it was over. Brady completed six straight passes and after a pass interference call, the Patriots got the ball at the 2 and James White ran it in for the victory.


The game started out scoreless as both teams got the ball twice and they all punted twice. That changed though when it looked as if the Patriots were on a scoring drive when LeGarrette Blount fumbled. The Falcons then drove down the field and scored. On New England’s next drive they were forced to punt and once again the Falcons scored on an Austin Hooper touchdown grab and all of a sudden it was 14-0 Atlanta.  Then Brady made a huge mistake. in triple-coverage Brady threw to Julian Edleman but was picked off and returned for the touchdown by Robert Alford.

By the third quarter the Falcons led by 25 but it as soon to be erased by Brady and Co.


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  • Grannie

    Such an amazing game, but sorry to say I could remain calm because it wasn’t our beloved Packers!!!
    Sorry to anybody who missed watching the second half. It was unbelievable!


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