40 Point Khris, and an Absolutely Legendary Block. The Bucks are two wins away from a championship

Believe it or not, the, no, our Milwaukee Bucks are two wins away from the ever-so elusive NBA Championship. No, not two wins away from a Finals, you heard it right, an NBA championship. Thanks to a heroic effort from Khris Middleton, in which he once again found a way to silence critics, both nationally and locally, Milwaukee is right back in these Finals, and possibly even have an edge. Two straight wins at Fiserv Forum have made Milwaukee a city on the brink, and for good reason. The Bucks defeated Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns 109-103 Wednesday night in Game 4.

Middleton continued his cycle of play this postseason on Wednesday night, as he got himself back in the fans’ heart in Game 4. All postseason, Middleton has seemed to follow a trend. He’ll have a couple legendary performances at home, get his much deserved respect from peers and media, only to go on the road and blow it all away with flops, as he did in the first two games in Phoenix. However, Wednesday night he once again flipped the narrative, as he has done so many times in his career. This time, to the good side. We all know how capable Middleton is. We’ve seen flashes of greatness before from him, which have made previous postseason bummers all the more frustrating. But the past month and a half, Middleton has finally been able to put some consistency on his name. And its been for the better. After failing to perform in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals and 2020 Conference Semi-Finals, Middleton has pushed those poor narratives to the side in the 2021 slate. He’s come through with multiple 35-plus point games this postseason, something he hasn’t done in years past. It’s been said many times in Bucksland in the past few years that if Middleton can perform well in the postseason, the Bucks are capable of achieving enormous heights. Well, this year it has happened, and they’re a couple wins away from winning the city its first title in 50 years.

The other big storyline coming out of Game 4 was Giannis’ absolutely unreal block on Deandre Ayton late in the fourth quarter. With 1:16 left in the ballgame, and the Bucks holding onto a 2 point lead, Devin Booker penetrated to the lane after coming off of a screen. Giannis picked up Booker at the free throw line, smothering his chances of scoring the ball himself. However, as the Suns have done so many times this series, a man got open on the pick and roll. That man was Ayton and he was left wide open. Giannis, realizing this dropped back in coverage on Ayton. Booker realized this too, lofting up a pass to his center. However, that pass was cut off by the Greek Freak. In an action that almost seems to defy the laws of physics, Antetokounmpo turned his body from Booker and towards Ayton, all while leaping through the air. Ayton received the pass for what seemed to be a surefire dunk, only to be met at the rim by the Freak. The play changed the game, as the Forum erupted. It also will surely be a career defining moment for Giannis. The Lebron Chasedown in Game 7. The Curry buzzer beater at OKC. And now, the Giannis Block.

All this puts the Bucks in position to win its first championship since 1971. After dropping the first two games in the desert, the Bucks’ championship hopes looked grim. But after tying this series up with a couple all-together legendary games from Giannis and Middleton, those hopes are as high as they’ve ever been. Freaks come out at night. Bucks in 6.

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